I Hear Voices….

19 Jul

Before you start being concerned that I need anti-psychotic meds or that I need to lie off the recreational psychedelic drug use, let me explain.

The voice I hear is my own.  I have started to notice that I talk to myself during my workouts.  I am not having a conversation with myself the entire time I am working out or anything.  I am actually busting it too hard to do that.  However, I have started to notice when I need that extra push to finish or keep going, I start speaking out loud (breathy whisper) to myself.

So what is this voice saying to me?

Contrary to lazy and indulgent things the FatChick in my head tells me do and eat, this out loud voice is actually, I think, my inner FitChick busting out.  She tells me how close I am to being home on my last lap.  She tells me to go faster and that means I get to stop sooner.  She also sometimes tells me that I can do more than I had planned and to keep going.  She is seriously awesome!

Last night, it rained in my area (yay for rain!), but then it was kind of wet and steamy and I just was not feeling a walk/jog.  I wanted to do something,  so I decided my 15lb kettlebell and I would have a full swing date.  I set out to do 60 full swings at the urging of my husband.  He suggested 3 sets of 20.  I could only manage 15 at a time, so I changed it to 4 sets of 15.

I wear my husband’s lifting gloves when I kettlebell, because 1. They make me feel like a Bada@s! and 2. They keep me from getting slick sweaty hands.  When I have these gloves on, I feel the urge to punch the air and dance around like I am in a boxing ring.  Who knew fingerless gloves will Velcro could have such an impact.  My point is that in between sets, thanks to the magic gloves, I dance around and punch the air to keep my momentum and heart rate up.  It is really fun!

At the end of my 4 sets, I was still amped and that little over achiever, FitChick, decided with only 40 more to go until 100 swings, that we should keep going.

So to help myself believe I could do it, I start talking…chanting really…40 more…40 more…I can do 40 more…40 more…40 more…I can do 40 more.   I am chanting this to myself as I am doing my little float like a butterfly sting like a bee move, and I grabbed that kettlebell!  I kept this up for 4 sets of 10 to complete 100 kettlebell swings.  In between each set I kept moving and kept chanting out loud to push myself.

Proof positive that if you tell yourself you can do it, you can!

Please share your tales of self motivation and any inner voices you have going on!

Keep moving ,

2 Responses to “I Hear Voices….”

  1. Jarrah July 19, 2012 at 2:43 pm #

    Your Awesome!! Enough Said!!

    • chirpybleu July 19, 2012 at 2:52 pm #

      Awww you are my sister and therefore legally obligated to think so, however I know you are a rule breaker, so I am inclined to believe you! 🙂

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