Find the “Fitories”

18 Aug

First of all I need to apologize for my absence.  I have had one heck of a week, but now life is officially back to normal!  I have missed you guys and missed sharing my inner most fit thoughts with you all!

As I mentioned in the last weekly weigh in post, last Saturday was Tink Tink’s 1st birthday party numero 2.  Then on Tuesday, I left for Chicago for a work convention.  This trip was a wonderful test for me.  I had a hard time getting all my shakes in (and failed at doing so), I had several meals that left me limited options for sticking to my plan, and I was in Chicago for pete’s sake!  Pizza has been my primary craving, and this city was not helping that out any!

So, I want to share my not-terribly-bad, but not-so-perfect meals in Chi-Town!

  1. Veggie Burger, no-bun, no mayo
  2. 2 days of Salad, Veggies, and meat.  The salad for the convention lunches offered no options.  I am sure it was full fat both days, so I tried to use sparingly.  The veggies were also probably cooked in oil or butter, and potentially a broth of some sort.  I am supposed to have little to no meat on this phase of my plan, but I was not getting all my protein via my supplements, so this was a good trade off.
  3. Burger with bun  …no fries or chips though.  I had the opportunity to hang out at the Chicago Yacht Club and they were only serving burgers and hot dogs.  I opted to eat the bun this night as the burger was small and thin.  Since I was not getting my shakes in, I was starving.  So, I chose bun over chips.
  4. 1 single slice of cheese pizza and some tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole.  This meal was at our client party the last night.  I allowed myself to indulge in both because they have been my primary cravings, but portion wise I maintained control.
  5. A few alcoholic beverages scattered through out the trip…empty calories I know.

I had the best intentions to utilize the hotel gym, and that intent fell by the wayside.  We basically left our rooms at 7 am each day and did not return until 9:30 to 10:30 pm each night.  I was worn out and exhausted.  (Excuses Excuses…I know!)  However, I did walk nearly EVERYWHERE!  It is Chicago after all.  We walked all around the heart of the city, as well as all over the convention center each day.  I wish I had tracked my steps.  I promise I walked anywhere from 3 to 5 miles daily.  So at least there was that activity.

I used this time out of my comfort zone and away from my daily routines as a learning experience.  I failed to always make the right food choice, but allowed myself to indulge for the first time in 11 weeks.  I feel like I did make the best of most of my limited food choices.  I did not let that momentary indulgence turn into a binging session, nor did I let it derail me the next day.  It was minor, portion controlled, and in the moment only.

In my mind I succeed considering the circumstance.  I refuse to lament and feel guilty over the few times I did not make perfect choices.  I have been nearly flawless during this process and folks I am human.  The big test however was weigh-in today.  I was worried about it.  I did not lose control, but I did indulge.  I did not have scheduled workouts, but I did remain active.

I shared all of this with my nurse this morning, and then I hopped on the scales….No loss…but NO GAIN!  I will take it and run!  🙂  I was so pleased with no gain and felt good about my mind set given my challenges this week.  It is a new day and a new week.  I am home, and life should be pretty much back to normal at this point.  I consider this week a success!

Here are my #Fitories  (Fit Victories if you will) this past week:

  1. No weight gain
  2. Jeans that were previously too tight to wear, were wearable and in most cases a little too loose
  3. Did not need the seatbelt extender on my flight
  4. Was able to walk so much without any endurance issues
  5. Feet and ankle swelling was significantly less (almost non-existent)

Please share your #Fitories from this week or month with me in the comments below or on Twitter!  As long as we keep going, no matter what our struggles are, we need to celebrate our successes!

Here is to busting it out this week!!!

Stay strong and keep moving,

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