FitFluential Feature & Twitter Chat: #The28DayChallenge

17 Sep

This should be an informative and worthwhile chat on Twitter tonight!  If you tweet be sure to check it out!  @FatChck2FitChck will be there!

FitFluential Feature and Twitter Chat: #The28DayChallenge

Celebrity personal trainer Robert Brace is a fitness expert, motivational speaker and former ballet dancer recognized by the New York Daily News as a “New York Top Fitness Guru” and by Bloomberg Businessweek as a “Top Celebrity Trainer.” He’s also one of the stars and health consultants of the weight-loss reality show “Fat Chef” on the Food Network and is a blog writer for the Energy Kitchen restaurant chain.

Robert’s experience as a dancer and a track athlete lends itself to a unique and disciplined training style, which he has translated into two programs to produce dramatic results with limited time: The 28 Day Challenge, a 4-week total body transformatio DVD system, and an award-winning 25-minute HIIT workout called NYlean25.

  • The 28 Day Challenge: a fusion of interval training, weight training and body-sculpting techniques. Check out some incredible video of The 28 Day Challenge successes here.
  • NYlean25: a program that emphasizes interval training, toning & muscle confusion, good form & posture, and a simple, sustainable eating plan.
We’ll be chatting with Robert about weight loss and muscle definition on Twitter— and letting you know how to win a signed copy of The 28 Day Challenge DVD system OR a 28 Day Challenge complete with personal training sessions (downtown Manhattan area)! See below for chat information.

Tell us about yourself, how you got into “fitness”– what was the impetus?

I guess I have always been into fitness. When I was a kid I wanted to be a super hero and I figured you have to strong to be a super hero so from the age of about 4 or 5 I was doing sit ups and pushups. I first got into fitness as a career when I came to New York on a dance scholarship to the Alvin Ailey School. I needed a way to make money and training was a natural fit. People loved my ballet background and I started to build a decent clientele.

How long have you been doing this?

I started training in 1996. However I started to get more creative and develop my own fitness philosophy and business in 2006. It’s been extremely rewarding.

What is the biggest reward to you for being involved in this space?

I still get excited when I see bodies change. I am like a 12year old kid, it still amazes me to see what happens when someone begins to win the battle over obesity, sees the outline of a six pack for the first time or can get into an old pair of jeans. Helping people Change the image they see in the mirror and start to see themselves in a different, more positive, confident way is very rewarding. When clients see what’s possible, the lights go on and they start to attack other goals in their life or live life with more energy, passion and confidence. Not to mention being able to help people get their health back, overcome injuries or even beat and prevent disease. It goes way beyond the physical. Our bodies are our constant companion, it goes everywhere with us. It defines our identity and the energy with which we approach life. Being able to improve it, shape it, increase its performance or make it healthy is a process I am still amazed by. As you see I could go on about this forever.

You were on the Food Networks weight loss reality show Fat Chef, where you helped obese chefs lose up to 100lbs in four months. What did you learn from the show?

First of all it gave me compassion. Living a life where simple pleasures like enjoying a walk in the park, playing with your kids, feeling comfortable in social situations or even choosing an outfit becomes an ordeal, is depressing and exhausting. That’s what people struggling with obesity face daily. We need to see obesity as an addiction to food. We need to focus more on the “Why?”, why people have developed such a strong addiction to food and help people find personally compelling reasons why they need to change their behavior. We already have enough books on how. It also showed me people can do amazing things when the motivation to change is right.

You have two class systems: NYlean25, a 25 minute workout, and The 28 Day Challenge, which is also a DVD. How are your systems different?

I am a trained ballet dancer who used to run track. The ballet and athletic environments are disciplined and methodical. Dancers can achieve amazing things with their bodies with this disciplined, methodical approach based on anatomy, science and beauty. This is the basis of all my systems and that’s why people get results. People talk about taking or doing class. My question is what are you learning? I want people who come to my classes or use my DVDs to learn something, to be enlightened in some way.

What drives you to create such innovative programs?

People get skeptical when they hear claims from fitness products and classes. I just want to do my best to restore belief in customers that you can see dramatic change fast if you have the right tools.

Your 28 Day Challenge testimonial videos with comedians Mark Malkoff and Franchesca Ramsey are funny and inspirational, and the results are shocking. Is there any reason you use comedians?

It kind of just happened that way. But I do think comedians help us look at our body issues without taking ourselves too seriously.

You’re either working with the extremely obese or people looking to get ripped fast. How does your approach change when working with these two very different groups?

The techniques and how you motivate and push people physically are different but I always try to make my programs methodical, logical and easy to explain.

What is the most common question you hear when people ask you for advice?

Once I get results how can I keep them? Sometimes losing weight or getting lean is the easy part. Keeping it is the hard part and that’s all about making a switch from reaching a specific goal to changing your lifestyle.

What are the most common mistakes you see people making in their fitness journey?

I think people need to see themselves as students and want to learn. It makes the journey so much more enjoyable and you get so much more out of it. Don’t just take a class; soak up all the trainers or instructors are trying to teach you. There are some great trainers out there.

What do you say to common excuses like no money, no time, no equipment, no trainer?

If you don’t spend money or time on your health now, you will spend more on health bills, sickness, medication, buying larger clothes, it will cost you something in time or finances eventually. Besides, going for a run, doing pushups, lunges squats in your local park or apartment costs nothing. I created the NY Lean25 workout to take those excuses away. Low cost, only 25 minutes, fast results! Now get to class!

What is your current routine?

Mostly weights, supersets specifically and interval training. I find I can get a good workout in very little time.

What are your favorite healthy snacks?

Almonds, because they are quick and easy. Watermelon, because it’s sweet, low calorie and helps you lose weight. Sweet potato, tastes great when you have a carbohydrate craving.

Breakfast? A must do, or do what you wish?

I’ve got to have egg whites. Some people hate them but it gives me the right amount of energy and the protein helps my muscles recover and stay strong.

What trend do you wish would go away?

Taking pills to lose weight. It doesn’t work and never addresses the issue. Also telling people that weight loss or getting results is “easy.” Anyone who has ever changed their body knows it takes work or at the very least focus. Trying to avoid the work that needs to be done just sets people up to fail.

How would you define FitFluential?

A family of bloggers, fitness and health evangelists who are changing the world by inspiring people and giving them the tools and information to get the most out of their lives by getting the most out of their bodies.

Twitter Chat!

Join us as Robert Brace offers up tips on weight loss and developing those muscles. He’ll be responding to your questions, so bring ‘em!

  • Monday, September 17th at 9pm EST
  • Hashtag is #The28DayChallenge
  • Robert will be tweeting from @NYlean25 – make sure to follow so you don’t miss a tweet!
  • One signed copy of The 28 Day Challenge DVD system will be given away. Also, if you’re in the downtown Manhattan area, you will have a chance to win a 28 Day Challenge workout combined with private sessions! Details will be revealed during the chat.

Hope to see you there!

Robert Brace online:





New to this? Just search for #The28DayChallenge on Twitter at chat time to view the conversation. Add #The28DayChallenge to your questions and responses so they will be visible on the chat timeline!

3 Responses to “FitFluential Feature & Twitter Chat: #The28DayChallenge”

  1. sjvella September 17, 2012 at 4:43 pm #

    Great interview many of the answers make a lot of sense 🙂

    • chirpybleu September 20, 2012 at 9:42 am #

      Agreed. The chat was really cool!

      • sjvella September 20, 2012 at 7:14 pm #

        yeah I even mentioned the interview in my post 🙂

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