Does This Water Make Me Look Fat?

29 Sep

Happy Saturday!  I hope the week treated all of you well and the weekend is full of fun or relaxation…which ever you fancy.

The hubs had his first of 3 doctoral exams today.  These end-all-be-all tests had me on solo parent duty for my weigh in today.  Tink was ever the charmer and precocious 13 month old in the clinic.  She managed to run around the exam room, taking her shoes off, reaching for electrical plugs and telling me “Yes” when I said “No”.  Needless to say my blood pressure was slightly higher than normal due to chasing my wild hooligan around the room.  Despite being curious about everything, she was awesome.  I got in and I got out.

I managed to not lose and not gain this week.  I am A okay with this considering the previously hinted at water bloat I am carrying around right now.  I also increased my kettlebell weight from 15lbs to 25lbs with a lot of my exercises this week, and it is typical for me to carry a little more weight when I ramp up my weights.  As I have mentioned before the scales are just a guide, but are not a ruler for which I truly measure my success/progress.  I stuck to my good eats and workouts this week, so regardless of what those scales say, this was a successful week in my book.

I am going to indulge a little for dinner tonight.  Momma wants some friggin nachos!  I have been wanting some nachos, oh I don’t know for about 17 weeks now!  I do not want to lose my mind and eat my weight in nacho goodness, so I am methodically planning out my meal tonight.

Since making the change to my diet, my appetite has significantly decreased.  What used to “fill me up” would now make me hurl a’ la Stand By Me.  So, I don’t need much to quench my craving.  I have decided to go for the Craft 2 option from Qdoba.  I can get Tortilia Soup and Nachos with Fajita Veggies for 410 calories and 22 grams of fat.  Compared to my typical eats, this is indulgent.  When you look at what I used to order from Qdoba…well lets just say I am eating a fraction of what I used to.  This brings me to a new feature I will sharing on the blog.  I am tentatively calling it FatChick Eats vs. FitChick Eats.

Yeah you read that right.  I used to consume close to 1600 calories when I ate at Qdoba.  In my defense, I usually only ate half of my burrito in one sitting.  Not in my defense, I would often consume said other half only a few hours later.  That meal also came with a free side of self loathing.

Dinning out can be the catalyst that throws you off your proverbial healthy wagon,  or it can be a pit stop along the journey.  Going out to eat can be a treat without being something you hate yourself over.  Hopefully by sharing my FatChick vs. FitChick Eats, you will see how I strike a balance between a healthy lifestyle and occasionally going out to eat.

By no means is the soup and nachos going to be a weekly staple for me, but it will be a treat for me without exploding my stomach and making me hate myself afterward.

I mean what is the point of indulging if you can’t enjoy it.  I know eating the FatChick option would make me hate myself for days or weeks to come.  My FitChick option allows me to enjoy and move on with no guilt.

Please share any tips you have for indulging without going for broke on the calories?

Stay Strong and Keep Moving,

One Response to “Does This Water Make Me Look Fat?”

  1. keokutah September 29, 2012 at 8:28 pm #

    I love your blog! And nachos are totally healthy, organic corn chips with veggies on top, cheese, lean ground beef on there and there’s no reason to feel bad at all! I think the most important thing about eating is to enjoy it and truly love it. Finding a true love for food instead of “needing it to fill a void” has helped me! Feeling bad about what we eat isn’t doing anything except making us stressed.

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