2XL Never Looked So Good

20 Oct

Happy Saturday FCTFC peeps!

Today was eventful and lazy all at the same time.  The Hubs, Tink and I joined the practice I work for at the annual Step Out to Stop Diabetes walk in our area.  It was a cool gray morning, yet we had a good time and Tink did great.  She was fearless running around through the crowds of people before the walk.  She was also a champ while we took the 5k route instead of the 1 mile route.

My little family!

In the beginning the hubs and I were itching to break from the pack.  We were able to finally get some space and get our pace going.  We were by no means running this, but we both wanted to walk as briskly as possible to maximize our effort for the distance.  Map My Fitness showed the course to be 2.66 miles, so it was not quite a 5k.  Our pace overall was 18.22, but my best pace was 10.08.  So, this confirms that there were times we were booking it and other times we had to slow down to wait for an opportunity to pass a large group and when we slowed down/stopped to put Tink’s hat back on…about 20 times.

After lunch we came home and all took a nap.  It was pretty awesome.  Other than playing and some TV, we have not done much else.  I am pretty surprised at how sore I am after the walk.  I am really sore in one specific area.  My quads are killing me tonight. I really thought my squats were giving me quads of steel, but this was a nice wake up call.  I obviously need to ramp up my lower body workout with my beloved kettlebell.  I think I am probably not going deep enough into the squat, so that is now a goal going forward.

I have not walked for exercise in about a month and a half or more.  I fell in love with my kettlebell, and just could not get the motivation to walk.  One major reason why walking bothers me is the impact on my joints.  I know walking is easier on your joints than running, but after today my joints are creaking, cracking, and painful in the case of my left ankle.

My weight plays a huge role in this.  I know it is hard on my joints pounding the pavement carrying this much weight, but my left ankle has another issue besides my weight working against it.

Embarrassing stupid girl confession time:

When I was barely 21, I let a “friend” talk me into going to a bar and getting plastered while the boyfriend (now Hubs) was at work.  Well I managed to get beyond drunk.  I don’t know what the correct term would be for how inebriated I was.  Being that I was not a complete idiot, I called BF (Hubs) to pick us up.  While walking to my car with him and said friend, I stepped up on a concrete base for a light pole in the parking lot, and missed the step down.  I came down on my left foot and broke my ankle in three places.  One extremely long, pain medicine free (due to the ungodly amount of booze in my system) night, 3 surgeries and a permanent metal plate later, I was able to walk on it again.  I think I should have had some physical therapy on this ankle, but never did.  Did I mention I was stupid.  I still to this day have issues with the ankle.  I am pretty sure I have some arthritis going on in it at this point.

The point of my confession is that walking (or any activity that require repetitive steps) causes me major issues with my ankle.  That sucker is creaky and sore tonight.  The ankle never bothers me during the activity once I get a good rhythm going.  However, the next couple of days after walking, it will get stiff and painful.  I end up gimping around trying to get it to loosen up.  I think this was one of many reasons why I prefer kettlebell over walking.  I love soreness from pushing my muscles.  I do not enjoy these arthritic pains.

I hope that one day, once I weigh a lot less, that I can walk and hopefully eventually run without such joint issues especially with my ankle.  I enjoy the exercise, just not the aftermath.

Despite my janky ankle, I enjoyed the cool fresh air and getting my butt moving doing something different today.  I also did an at home weigh in since the walk took place during my typical weigh in time.  I was finally down again!  Down 3 lbs this week and officially in the 260’s! … 268.5 to be exact.  That is a total loss of 64.5lbs so far! I have been hanging in those 270’s for long enough so this was a major victory for me.

2XL jacket…Zipped! Was wearing 4XL when this business started!

I have noticed that the weight loss has slowed down lately.  Part of it has been my little occasional dalliances with non-plan food.  I was back on track this week, and I think my loss shows this.  I am hoping this jump starts the losing again.  I want to get to my next goal of 250 lbs so badly!  This weight will have me at 100lbs lost since I had my daughter.  I weighed 350 when I gave birth to Tink, and this will be a huge milestone.  I will do another giveaway when I reach this goal, so stay tuned and get excited for me to get there ASAP!

This week my goal is to finally get those 4 days of workout in.  Saturday starts my week, so I already have 1 workout down!  I am also going to work on getting lower in my goblet squats to get these quads in better shape!

What are your goals for the week?  Do you have any injuries or something else that pushes you to one exercise over another?

Have a great week and enjoy this video of Tink “reading” a book!

Stay Strong and Keep Moving,

3 Responses to “2XL Never Looked So Good”

  1. sjvella October 21, 2012 at 4:54 am #

    Great job 🙂 and don’t give up it is normal the weight loss slows down. I know it is frustrating. Well my goal this week is to start exercising again. My past week has been more relaxed because my body needed a break after all the shows I spend on my feet. But now I need to move my butt and shed some serious weight. 🙂

  2. Sara January 5, 2013 at 3:13 pm #

    I also have a “janky” ankle. Although I refer to it a my “Franken-foot” which often causes me to have a Pimp limp after exercising, right before it rains or on really cold days. I have 9 screws and 2 titanium plates due to missing a step while I was EXTREMELY inebriated. Lets just say there is a reason people play beer pong instead of jagermeister pong. #ouch. 235lbs falling down it. Thank God I have a brace that athletes use that helps so much. I lost 85lbs after that and gained 40 of it back when I quit smoking. Now I’m on a mission to lose again and your blog is very inspirational.

    • fatchicktofitchick January 6, 2013 at 7:14 pm #

      We have very similar drunken ankle stories! Tough life lesson huh? That is awesome about the weight loss. You will totally be able to get the 40 back off. What kind of brace do you use?

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