Two Days Late and 2,000 Dollars Short

26 Nov

Howdy y’all!

Okay, yes I spent a week in Arkansas, but we are not that hick…well not all of us Arkansans are anyway.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving that was filled with lots of family and fun!   I also hope no one flew miles off the old fit wagon   I definitely indulged by eating what I wanted to, but maintained strict portion control.  I enjoyed all the homemade fare, but did not lose my mind eating until I barfed.  Although, the small portions that included carbs still made me feel so overly full, that I felt ill a couple of times.  It was enough for me to want my healthy eats back once I was home.

My Thanksgiving plate…my one and only Thanksgiving plate.

The trip did not make me jump off the edge of healthy eating.  It did not trigger me overeating, and it did not make me only want junk foods.  This was a major win for me as I am always fearful of losing my way.  It proved to me that I do have control over my eating.  That even though I sometimes crave crap foods, I long for the good ones when I stray for a momentary indulgence.  On top of that I lost 1 pound this week.  Hells yeah I lost 1 pound during Thanksgiving week.  That was thrilling to me and proof that nothing not even the biggest day of gluttony all year could stand in my way.

This is my “holy balls I actually lost weight the week of Thankgiving” face.

There were a couple of rough spots on my trip.

  1. Our bank account got hacked to the tune of $2,000.  1 single transaction to Lukie Games.  So um yeah that took 5 days to straighten out and get the transaction credited back to my account.  Hope the tool bag that hacked me has a Merry Sucky Christmas.
  2. My face broke out with zits like I was a 13 year old girl who lives off pizza and chocolate.  One of the fun lame as crap side effects of your hormones regulating is apparently pizza face.  I am glad that my increased fitness and health is leveling out the hormonal issues I was having, but I could really do without the forehead zits.

So, we got home Saturday and I managed a shower and my weigh-in and…that was about it.  Sunday was filled with laundry, Tink, TV and a workout.  So, my apologies for being 2 days late with my Saturday post.  This chick was beat!

3 am traveling…no coffee yet…evidence of said pizza face…sexy right?

Did you notice I said I got my workout in on Sunday?  I was really tired and not at all feeling it, but I knew a big part of the dread was from being “off” for so many days.  That first day back at it is rough!  Yet, once you get that one single day over with, it is typically as if you never took time off.

My pile of loot that I pushed around the dang store until my mom scored us two shopping carts…yes we are nuts.

I did not manage any real exercise while I was gone, unless you count shoving a play kitchen and all my other treasures along the floor (ran out of carts) and dodging people with horrendous body odor during some Black Friday shopping…is it still called Black Friday when it is on Thursday?  So, I went 10 whole days with no dedicated workout time.  I was beat before my first kettlebell tabata was up and told myself to just manage two rounds and I could stop.  Well, as I neared the end of round 2, I had some new found energy and pushed through to finish my workout…disheveled, completely exhausted, winded and proud!

Tonight I rocked out my tabata numero dos and………my first ever plank.  Time on said plank…31 seconds!  Bam!  This had me pumped and wanting to punch something out of sheer excitement and adrenaline   I was unable to hold a plank for even a second about 5 months ago when I first tried one.  Now I did one on my hands not my forearms.  From what I can tell on the web, both are equally challenging.  The plank on your hands works your shoulders and triceps more and the plank on your forearms works your core more.  I still cannot do the forearm plank, but you bet your sweet tush I will one day very soon.

I am back at it and feel rather renewed.  Stay tuned because this week marks the last week of my 5th month.  Saturday we get a 6 month progress report and pictures!

I leave you with a video of my gorgeous awesome nephew, Boog, singing a song for his dear Aunt Jennifer. (yes he says poop at the very end…boys)

How was your Thanksgiving break?  Any wild and crazy shopping stories?  Did you fall off the wagon…get off the horse and get back on it…still waiting for the horse to mosey up?

Stay Strong and Keep Moving,

3 Responses to “Two Days Late and 2,000 Dollars Short”

  1. Denise November 27, 2012 at 6:42 am #

    You are doing so good. I can’t believe you even lost weight with all that tempting food. Awesome! Me? I indulged to much and felt very sick. Eyes are bigger than stomach and
    of course ALL those carbs are a killer. I’m trying all protein and veggie week to help get me back. Hopefully, it will work 😦 Even this morning still feeling gross. I need to keep on
    track here. You are an inspiration with your determination……I need that same mind set.

  2. Laura @ Chaotic Domestic November 27, 2012 at 7:51 am #

    Congrats! Sounds like a great (yet still tiring) Thanksgiving.
    I haven’t ever done the hand plank, only the forearm plank. Perhaps I should be switching it up to work the other muscles.

  3. Amanda Z November 28, 2012 at 7:35 pm #

    Great job on the plank! I’ve only ever done the forearm plank, looks like I need to change it up a bit. I also commend you for going to Wal-Mart for Black Friday. I don’t ever want to be near those crazy crowds!

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