Fish Don’t Fry In The Kitchen…

9 Dec

Beans don’t burn on the grill…

That little diddy can only mean on thing.  I am moving on up!  Moving up in time on my planks not weight that is.  I have started the second week of December planking (#merryplanksmas) with a 41 second elbow plank and 1 minute push up plank.  Not too shabby for the chick, who only a couple of weeks ago was holding it for like 15 seconds.  It is tough as crap to do these every single day.  I go back and forth between being thankful I started this challenge and cussing myself profusely.  The cussing only usually lasts until I have done the plank.  After that I am back to being glad we are all doing this together.

The fact is I would have made an excuse by now and skipped a day or three, if I was not the one who started this whole mess of December planks.  Seeing your times and pictures everyday makes me so proud to be part of an awesome online group of people, and it makes me thankful to have the continued support from friends old and new.  As always smooches and hugs to you all!  I think you are awesome!

I managed to up my plank hold time all while lowering my weight this week!  I managed to be down another 2 lbs this week for a total of 79 lbs lost so far.  Of course I was thrilled with that result.  Especially considering I have eaten out 2 times this week.  Last Saturday, we went to Chili’s after doing some shopping for the hubs some new clothes…stay tuned for a post about his weight loss coming soon!  I had a 6 oz sirloin and broccoli…and I ate some chips, salsa and gauc.  Oh well.  Then on Wednesday night, I saw a Fazolli’s commercial.  I think pasta is probably the only food I have not had since I started this journey…no let me rephrase that statement so that my pants do not ignite into flames.  I have not had pasta as a meal.  I may or may not have…of course I did…had bites of Tinks mac and cheese over the last few months.  Other than that though, I have not had pasta.  So that god-forsaken Fazolli’s commercial and hormones from hell had me looking up the nutritional info for their dishes.  I decided on a chicken, onions, and peppers dish that had around 300 calories.

I had one bread stick with dinner that night and honestly about half way through the meal, I was feeling satisfied.  I stopped myself and saved the other half for dinner the next night.  I was not this smart when we went to Chili’s.  I scarfed the whole meal and was absolutely miserable after.  I had picked up the satisfied/sated clues at Chili’s, but like the FatChick that still lurks inside me I just plowed through and stuffed my face.  I was more on my game when the pasta came into play.  I think after eating to the point of misery on Saturday, the satisfied cues were louswe than normal while eating the pasta.  The inner FitChick was not going to let fatty have her way well completely have it I was eating pasta this time around.

So, between the planking my butt hump off and eating outside my normal diet, I still think it was a pretty good week.  I want to be able to indulge and eat things I enjoy, but I want the Fazoli’s experience to be my norm when I do.  I can have those decedent foods on occasion and within portioned reason.  As always I am a work in progress, and I likes the progress I have made so far.

If you are not following me on Instagram, then sadly you are missing out on a lot of fun nonsense   I pretty much live for Instagram right now.  I have made some great pals on there recently, and it is currently my favorite social media outlet.  I have also jumped off the bridge (because everyone else did it) and joined Keek.  It is like Instagram, but with videos.  So, if you want to hear my accent in all its regionally confused glory, be sure to follow me on there as well.  I am @fatchick2fitchick on both Instagram and Keek.

How was your week?  Have you been plankin it up?  If not start today!  Shoot me some lines in the comments below and let me know what is going on in your world these days!

One Response to “Fish Don’t Fry In The Kitchen…”

  1. kepotts December 10, 2012 at 2:28 pm #

    Confession- I accidentally skipped my plank yesterday-ah!!! Loving this challenger though! Good for you for cruisin’ through the weekend with some lbs lost! And if I could have a giant Instagram feed in front of me at all times, I’d be a happy camper!

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