Think You Know Me Thursday: What’s New Demon Cat?

14 Feb

Before there was Tink, there were 3 other babies in my life.  They are babies of the furry variety.  I am an admitted dog person.  Cats are fine and all, they are just not fans of me and for some reason they kind of freak me out.  I think it is that they are typically a little snobby acting and the claws.  The claws freak me the freak out, the sneaky way they move and behave freaks me the freak out, they don’t seem to care if you live or die and that freaks me the freak out.  No hate to the cat people out there.  To each his own.  I am thankful there are souls out there who can connect and love cats…but cats are just not my bag baby.

Example of cats hating me:

My sister found a stray cat in Walmart parking lot,and just had to keep it.  Princess became the first of my sisters cats.  (sidenote: Princess was later found to be the owner of franks and beans, but he remained Princess nonetheless).  Princess was evil…as in possessed by a demon that was sent to earth in the form of a cat to torment me and scare the living crap out of me.  I could look out the window at that cat and it would show its teeth, hiss at me and wave a wicked clawed paw at me as if to say…I will cut you chubby white girl.  

I could witness this death threat from the cat and ask my sister to look and the cat would just sit there all still and sweet with a look of  complete and total innocence.  I even went as far as to have my sister peek threw the tiny whole in the mini-blinds to try to catch her cat in all its evil glory, but remember the demon part.  Yeah that cat knew when any one else was watching.

One day on the way to the bus stop (remember I grew up in the boonies, so the bus stop was trek and the pets roamed outside) Princess decided to follow me.  I kept shooing the little SOB back to the house for fear of him getting run over.  Well upon my 12th time trying to shoo the cat back to the house, Princess had enough and our time to rumble was upon us.  Princess popped out his razor sharp claws and attacked me.  He  pounced me and ended up stuck to the front of my sweater with his mouth open hissing at me as if to say “any last words?”  I panicked and just ripped him off my sweater and slung him.  He of course landed on his feet since he is half cat half creature from hell, and then trotted off on his merry way back to the house.  From that point on, I avoided eye contact with Princess and he left me the crap alone.

Cats just don’t care for me to put it mildly.  Dogs on the other hand are much more my speed.


My first born is Brady.  Brady is a Shih Tzu and Chihuahua mix.  He was the only pup in the litter that was black instead of red, the only one who looked like a Shih Tzu, and the only one not spoken for…I mean how could that be.  He is adorable!  He is very skittery…as in you rustle a bag in the next room and he will flinch and shutter.  I don’t know why he is so jumpy other than his Chihuahua blood demands it.  Brady was the first grandchild period.  Sorry sis your non-furry baby was not the first.  At one point when my dad thought he would never have human grandchildren, he promised Brady a four-wheeler…we are still waiting.


Ellie is my first baby girl.  She was furry, white blonde, and fat when we got her.  She was  just this tiny little spunky thing and loved to be held like a baby.  Brady hated her guts when we first brought her home, and we almost had to take her back because of how badly he was showing his disdain for our newest edition.  Luckily he grew a pair and showed dominance on day 3 and eased up on her after that…meaning he threw down with her one time and then she became the boss.  She is my cuddle bug.  She will snuggle up to me at night and let me hold her like a kid holding a teddy bear.  She is sweet, calm, and the boss.


Sophie is my second baby girl.  She is a chocolate lab mix and is goofy as all get out.  She is by far the best dog with Tink, and is also a big 90 lb cuddle bug.  Her and I quite prefer going to bed before Hubs because her and I get to snuggle.  She almost did not live past her first year of life.  No she was not ill, she was a freaking chocolate lab living in my tiny house.  She had so much energy and not a brain cell in her head was willing to listen to any command or reason.  There were many occasions that I thought she was going to go running through our living room window when she would start bouncing off the walls.  We tried walks and everything.  Those usually ended up with the Hubs or I have leash burn on our hands and her having a nearly crushed windpipe from getting so excited about everything in site.

So there you have it.  Demon cats hate me and I love my dogs despite their sometimes crazy antics.

Do you have pets?  Tell me all about them cats included…unless your pet is a snake…keep your snake stories to yourself.

4 Responses to “Think You Know Me Thursday: What’s New Demon Cat?”

  1. Candis February 14, 2013 at 9:43 am #

    Aw! Your furbabies are so cute!! I have 2 dogs- Rocco, an Australian Shepherd mix and Rizzo, a terrier mix (we really have no idea what she is… They were both adopted).

  2. Melanie @ 4Kottez February 14, 2013 at 11:17 am #

    Your pups are so cute. Yeah not a cat lady either.

  3. Kristin February 14, 2013 at 12:12 pm #

    I have a schnauser her name is Bailey or Bay. She doesnt like other dogs, cats,people unless your family or anything to be in her yard. she will yell at you or it until we close the blinds or front door. She likes the kids but only for a minute. they pretty much make her mad that she isnt an only child.LOL, dogs are silly….I do not like cats at all they creep me out.

  4. Jane February 14, 2013 at 12:17 pm #

    Love your fur babies! I was a poodle mom for 30 years b/f we got our 1st rescue. Now we have Jillian Marie who came from AK. My daughter had to make her a Jersey girl. We don’t know what she is (part pit & lab?) Then there is Little Miss Sunshine a red bloodhound & black lab from TN. 98 lbs. of pure stubborn & what a drama queen! Oh how we love & adore them. They were raised w/my last poodle, Amy. She was 7 lbs of pure trouble. We lost Amy right after hurricane Sandy. She was 16 yrs old. One morning she called for me, I picked her up & she went peacefully in my arms. Jillian Marie still sleeps in Amy’s bed. It is funny to a bigger dog rolled up in a little bitty bed.

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