Just Call Me Sweet Dee

18 Feb

My weekend was pretty fantastic with nothing major going on.  I lost 2lbs, worked out, played/snuggled with Tink, and food prepped for the week.  I am happy to report that the food I prepared this week, is phenomenal, and there is nothing meh about one single morsel of it.

I made taco soup for my lunches this week, mashed sweet potato meatloaf bake w/green beans for dinners, and avocado egg salad (mayo-free) for a post workout protein snack.  Recipes for the meat loaf and egg salad are coming later this week.  I have shared my Taco Soup recipe previously, but I need to let you all in on few alterations that I made this time around.

First, I left out the corn.  Since eating mostly clean/paleo/primal (I still eat cheese), beans and corn do not agree with me.  I feel bloated and within an hour of eating my stomach cramps like a mother.  So even though I made it beanless last time, the corn still hurt my stomach.  Plus corn is like nada in the nutrition department.  If you can, leave it out and add in more tomatoes and green peppers.

I also added lime juice and fiesta lime Mrs. Dash seasoning to the soup this time around.  These two additions allowed me to only use one packet of taco seasoning and saved me a crap ton of sodium that way.  It turned out amazing.  Like best Taco Soup ever!!!  Let me just say…if I could drink this broth daily, I think I would.  This is precisely why I portion out my food as soon as I make it.  This soup tastes so good, that my inner fat chick could seriously make herself sick eating bowl after bowl after bowl.

I did indulge my inner fat chick a little on V-Day and went out for fro-yo with my little family.  It was freaking amazing until Tink tried to feed me some of Hub’s banana bread yogurt…

Sweet Dee has perfected this accurate depiction of me around anything banana flavored or scented.

So despite Tink trying to make me spew fro-yo across the room, it was a fun and much needed treat for all 3 of us!  I let my fat chick reign with this bad boy!

face 065

Half Dolce De Leche and Half Cheesecake yogurt topped with a few Heath pieces and a touch of caramel. Pretty much fat chick heaven in a bowl .

face 053

I also spent a little time on Saturday admiring my thighs.  They are nothing to write home about, but compared to the slabs of beef I used to walk around with, they are looking mighty fine lately.

photo (18)

How was your weekend and Valentines Day?  Got anything good coming up this week?  Do you ogle yourself?…you should!

2 Responses to “Just Call Me Sweet Dee”

  1. Kelly February 24, 2013 at 9:28 am #

    About how much if the line juice and fiesta line seasoning did you use?

    • fatchicktofitchick February 24, 2013 at 5:51 pm #

      probably about 1/2 cup of juice and i have no real idea on the Mrs. Dash. I would guess around 1 to 2 tbsps.

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