2 Posts 1 Day

26 Feb

So yeah I am wild and crazy today sending you two posts.  Since the first was recipes, I imagine I am not totally bombarding your with too much utter randomness.

I wanted to share my workout from last night and say that it was one of those moments in the get fit journey where I surprised myself.  First here is the workout:

I have really begun working the crap out of my arms on Tuesday nights, so I wanted something that would not make them too sore after a Monday workout.  I thought abs would be a perfect area of the body to focus on.  I garnered some inspiration from Anthony and Joe at Hybrid Athlete.  If you have never visited their site, then please do so by clicking here.  They have become my workout Yodas along with providing me with a kettlebell bible of sorts, they have videos, and workouts available.  I simply searched core on their site, and made my workout sprinkling some of the exercises I found there.

Sidenote: I am teaming up with these guys and will be bringing you a guest post from Joe in near future.  Joe is  a writer for all mainstream fitness magazines, and sites such as greatist, active.com, and livestrong.   So keep your eyes peeled for this post!

So back to my workout last night.  I think there are more than enough times during this journey, where you think to yourself…I can totally do that.  You attempt whatever the feat is only to find it nearly impossible or extremely difficult.  I do this to myself all the time.  It is really humbling and motivating, but can sometimes feel defeating.  Enter the moments where you surprise yourself.

When I designed this WOD last night, I set the weighted sit-ups with 10 reps.  I felt confident that I could do them, but also felt like I might struggle because of the weight.  I should have set those reps higher because I rocked out those sit-ups.  I was someone who when I started 9 months ago, could not even do a real crunch.  As in could not keep my neck straight eyes on the ceiling and crunch, let alone sit up.  Last night I was amazed at how I was able to keep the effort in my core and not my neck.

It was a moment that made me really happy and extremely proud of myself.  I told the hubs about it because I thought it was pretty freaking amazing.  He immediately went to try it out and he struggled.  I am not going to lie, I was jumping up doing air kicks and punches after that.

It looked a little something like this:

Now I do need to say that part of why it was somewhat easy is because I did them wrong.  Yeah I just got you all pumped up over my victory just to let you know that I did them wrong.

My wi fi at my house was being slow and I grew impatient.  Tink was pushing back that bedtime with no shut eye in site, so I did not watch the Hybrid video of the weighted sit-up,  and ended up doing the freaking things wrong.  I also need to bend my knees more.  Here is the correct way to do a weighted sit-up:

Regardless, it is a victory because I know I could not even had done the incorrect exercise at all previously.  Here is the video of me looking all rough as hell post-workout showing off my incorrect move to my hubs.  Got to love the fat smoosh on a sit-up…no one should ever see themselves sit-up unless they have washboard abs.

Stay Strong and Keep Moving,


6 Responses to “2 Posts 1 Day”

  1. Brooke February 26, 2013 at 1:37 pm #

    That’s me…I can’t do a crunch/sit up…one day I will be able!!

  2. messofme86 February 26, 2013 at 4:38 pm #

    Way to go! I love surprising myself by surpassing my expectations during a workout. And, I absolutely LOVE the fact that your victory kick and dance were scenes from It’s Always Sunny 🙂

  3. Silly Girl's Momma February 26, 2013 at 10:05 pm #

    The windmill exercise you do, do you have the weight in your lower hand or above your head?

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