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Eating Healthy: Planning and Budgeting

19 Feb

I have to say that I am really loving the Dear Food Diary challenge.  I have tried multiple websites and apps and My Fitness Pal is by far my favorite.  The biggest reason is because of the vast database of food that they have.  I rarely have to add a food because it is not listed.

As promised, I am going to share some of my favorite features of the app.  My absolute favorite feature is probably the recipe builder.  I use this feature to build my recipes before I ever make my grocery list.  This really helps me stay on track because:

  1. I can see ahead of time if the recipe fits into the calorie range that I want.
  2. I can tweak the recipe if it is on the high or low side on calories.
  3. It helps me plan my week out because I know what I am looking for snack wise to round out my day calorie wise.
  4. My recipes are saved for future use, and adding that meal is simple after the first time entering it.
  5. I know exactly how much food to buy at the store.


I am a budget girl.  I like to shop for exactly what we need for the week and only buy extra when there is really good sales/coupons or it is a staple must have on hand kind of food.  We spend around $100 to $120 a week for our family of 3.  We buy the majority of our food from the perimeter of the store.  This means clean eating, whole foods, limited processing.

In the past when we got on “healthy food” kicks, it seemed like we spent a small fortune on groceries, compared to when we bought all those boxed/frozen dinners and junk food.  The truth is we just did not have our health food groove down and did not have adequate planning.  We would spend the same amount of money or more, and then end up eating out 3 or more nights a week.  Food went to waste and money went down the crapper.

I like to plan all the way down to my exact snacks.  This probably sounds like the worst thing ever to some of you.  The thing is, I have not counted calories in the past, and it got me 332 lbs to show for it.  I don’t want to obsess daily about calories, but I have to know exactly what I am eating and keep control of it.  So, I think, plot, and plan 1 time a week and have all my eats planned out for the next week.  I do have extra nutritional snacks on hand for when I am more hungry.  A day after a big workout I will usually be hungrier.


I think having a good idea of what and how much you and your family plan on eating for the week, definitely helps make the groceries you buy to not be purchased in vain.  You will stay on budget, eliminate food waste, and keep more control of the calorie range you are shooting for.  Be sure to keep extra healthy snacks on hand for when the hunger strikes.  If you keep your house stocked with healthy eats, then you will have no choice but to snack healthy.

Be sure to add me on myfitnesspal if you have not done so already (fatchick2fitchick).  My diary is public to friends so you can scope it out if you are so inclined.  Be sure to also join in on the #dearfooddiary challenge and share it with your friends and readers, if you blog. Grab the button below and share this business up!

<div align="center"><a href="" title="FatChick2FitChick"><img src="" alt="FatChick2FitChick" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

With that, I want to share a great protein lunch or snack recipe.  I am using this as my protein post workout snack at night.

Mayo-Free Avocado Egg Salad


8 hard boiled eggs peeled with whites and yolks seperated
1 small to medium avocado peeled and cut into chunks
Garlic Salt
Lime Juice
Hot Sauce
1 to 2 slices of cooked bacon

Blend egg yolks, avocado, cumin, garlic salt, lime juice and hot sauce in a food processor or by hand until smooth. Gently mix yolk and avocado mixture with chopped egg whites. Crumble bacon and stir into mixture.

Serve plain, on bread/tortilla, or my favorite is in deli ham or turkey slices and roll up.

6 (1/2 cup) servings  136 calories, 11g of fat, 3 carbs, 1g of sugar, 9g of protein per serving.

Dear Food Diary

31 Jan

It is that time again…time for another challenge.  I would like to start by thanking everyone who has participated in Merry Planksmas and Happy Glute Year.  I have kept myself going on the wall sits every single day this month.  I hubs can attest to the positive difference these wall sits have made on my donkey booty…stallion booty…any RHOA viewers out there?  In addition to obviously being firmer and sitting a little higher, my pants are getting baggy on my thighs and butt!  I hope all of you that participated are seeing results.

I plan on keeping this chain going as long as my legs and tush will hold me.  So it is never to late to join me.  Keep on keeping on or jump in and hastag that business with #happygluteyear.  Who knows maybe we will have a quarter bouncing challenge at the end of this year if yall keep wall sitting with me!

Now on to February…I decided that since the previous two months’ challenges had been exercise/physical, that we should focus on the eats that fuel our sexy bods.  So February’s challenge is #dearfooddiary.   Strive to record every single thing you eat for the month of February.

Use this challenge to:

  • Start keeping a food diary, if you do not already.
  • Get more dedicated to logging everything you eat everyday.
  • Look at your diet and see if there are ways to improve upon it.
    • Eat cleaner less processed foods
    • Change your ratio of carbs, fats, and protein
    • Eat more or less depending on exercise
<div align="center"><a href="" title="FatChick2FitChick"><img src="" alt="FatChick2FitChick" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

The rules are simple.  Commit to journaling your food for the month and do it!  You can follow me on myfitnesspal.  There is a free app, and they have a website.  You can make your diary private or public to your friends.  My diary is public to friends, so be sure to add me, fatchick2fitchick.

You can also take pics, screenshots, and ask questions during the month.  Hit me up on on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with the #dearfooddiary hashtag.  We should all collectively be able to answer each others questions and give advice/support.

I will point out some cool features on myfitnesspal as the month progresses, and tell you how I use them.  You can use any app/website you like, or use good old pen and paper.  Whichever you prefer works for me.

Be sure to share the challenge with your friends, and get them on the food diary bandwagon.  Lets keep 2013 a productive and healthy year!  Grab the code above to post on your blogs and share the fun!

Stay Strong and Keep Moving,


I Got 2.5 Problems, And Chips Ain’t One

31 Dec

After all that holiday eating, and that Taco Hell incident, I was up 2.5 lbs Saturday at my weight in.  That is not terrible, it is just annoying.  I hate the gain weeks.  I can handle stagnant scales that do not budge weeks, because I have not lost ground that I then have to make up.  Gains are a whole other story.  This week I have to lose 2.5 lbs just to get back to were I was.  That will still not equal a true loss.  That is where the annoyance comes in.  I enjoyed the holidays and the mental break that I gave myself, but I really get annoyed by that gain regardless of how small.

I relish in that annoyance though.  If I was not a little bothered by it, then I doubt that I would be attacking this week with the vigor that I already am.  I got in a Saturday workout with my kettlebell, for example.  If you have been keeping up with me on here, you know Saturday workouts are almost non-existant for me.  I told my lazy a$$, that I had until Saturday then it was game back on.  I stuck to it and cranked out one of my kettlebell workouts.  I was suprised at how well I did considering the time off…that was until Sunday hit.  Holy sore legs batman.

My upper body was not too shabby on Sunday, and I attribute that to the planks all month long.  My poor tush and legs, did not get an ample workout though during December.  Speaking of the #merryplanksmas challenge, you all did an amazing job!  It was so inspiring and motivating to see all the people participating this month.  As for me…I went from a 15 second plank at the beginning of December to this tonight…

I am pretty dang proud of that considering a few months ago, I could not even get into the plank position.  Bam for determination and pushing myself to achieve a goal.

This brings me to a new challenge I am doing in January.  I have had some requests for another fitness challenge, and I am only happy to oblige.  I saw so many people rocking out their planks all month and it was so exciting to see people getting after it.  It also helped me to at least do some sort of physical activity during the crazy month that is December.

This month, I have decided to give a little more love to my glutes, hammies and quads.  That is why January is #HappyGluteYear! (This puns for you, Hubby Jack.)  This month, I am going to strive to do a wall sit a day.  This will be another self driven challenge like the plank challenge.  You should time yourself holding the wall sit position for as long as possible and try to improve your time by the end of the month.

To wall sit, you will stand with your back flat against the wall.  Then squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor just like you were sitting in a chair.  Time yourself in this position and work to improve that time over the month of January.  Be sure to hashtag #happygluteyear on your pictures on instagram.  Lets cheer each other on while we give our tushes and legs some TLC in January!  If you continue to plank it up like I am going to, use hashtag #fctfcplank and I will check in all of your plank pics as well!

I hope you all will join me in this challenge too!  I had so much fun seeing your pics and getting to know some new people!

happy glute year

Now don’t get too used to my seasonally punned challenges.  I don’t know if I have the creativity in me to come up with something legit each month, but I love having you all as workout buddies across the web as long as I can come up with ideas!

What are your wild and crazy new year plans?  How did you improve on your plank in December?  Are you going to wall sit with me in January?  Those walls won’t sit themselves you know!

Stay Strong and Keep Moving,


Think You Know Me Thursday: Waka Waka Edition

6 Dec

I have always said that people who are parodied on Saturday Night Live (of which I am a fanatic) should be flattered and not offended.  To be parodied means you (or the fitness challenge you started #merryplanksmas) are relevant enough to be funny.  Well consider me flattered!

Hubby Jack over at Hubby Jack’s Blog Attack, decided that all this planking business going down on Instagram was ridiculous enough to blog about.  I am a big bloggie? (blog groupie?) of his blog and his wife Holly’s blog.  They are both really funny and well I dig funny.

However, I do have a rebuttal to his “Walk The Plank” blog post:

So, as you can see I enjoy getting my funny bone tickled as well as hopefully doing some tickling of my own.  okay that sounded creepy and weird like the Ice Cream man wanting to tickle fight with you?

Lorne Michaels…if you see this and are interested, just inbox me.

Stay Strong, Keep Moving, and Waka Waka,


Musical Planks

5 Dec

My husband abusing his power in one of his classes.  At least he offered up 5 bonus points for their final next week if they got down with #merryplanksmas!

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