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“The Brutal Fall”

16 Oct

Here is my much overdue weekly weigh-in and general update.

I started out last week with a sick Tink and ended it with out of town guests, otherwise known as my sister, brother in law and my awesome nephew, Boog!

The big questions that need to be asked and answered after a week like this are as follows:

1. Did I get in 4 days of exercise like I wanted to last week?

….hahaha no. I allowed the sick baby and company to be convenient excuses. I exercised only 1 stinking day all week last week. Way to go slacker!

2. Did I lose weight?

…nope. I did not gain though either. Sometimes those stationary weeks are a blessing!

3. Did I stick to my rigorous diet?

…big fat negative there as well. While I could have done so much worse, I did indulge a few times…maybe a few times to many…this weeks weigh in will tell.

Here is a quick edition of FatChick Eats vs. FitChick Eats that sums up my weekend eats. (Please note that the FatChick eats are what I used to eat and the FitChick eats are what I actually ate this past weekend)


I also ate fro-yo 2 nights in a row this past weekend. My sister is 9 months pregnant and wanted frozen yogurt. I was only a little eager to accommodate her.

All of that said, I made really good choices this weekend, but still ended Sunday night bloated and yucky feeling. It ended up being too much food to consume all in 3 days. Oh well, it really made me jones for my veggies and lighter fare this week…which is a good thing.

I finally got off my rump last night and kettlebell’ed it off during my 30 minute tabata. It was hard after a week off, but I felt great afterward. However, I did have some issues with my goblet squats. You see I had what the hubs has dubbed “The Brutal Fall” on Saturday night, and I torqued my left knee up pretty good.

I was attempting to step over the toddler prison we have constructed in our living room (think the Velociraptor fencing from Jurassic Park), and my toe got caught on the gate and I took a spill. I got right up and laughed it off. It was humorous and other than a sore hip and janky knee, I was fine. Doing squats last night though, was really uncomfortable and shaky on that knee. So, thanks to “The Brutal Fall” (The Hubs is not overly dramatic at all…), I will have to put some time in to work out the kinks.

Regardless of my exercise hiatus last week, I did get some exercise in chasing the Tink around the pumpkin patch. She was drawn to the pond and would make a break for it whenever she could. See me below trying to get in front of her with the stroller to block her path.

FitChick in Training Momma in October about 271 lbs.

I was so happy to be chasing that rambunctious kiddo around and not getting winded. This was one of my main reasons for getting fit. I want to be a fit mom so I can run around with (and after) my kid. I don’t want to be so fat and out of shape that I sit on the sidelines and watch her life. I want to be an active participant in it…crazy toddler pond obsession and all!

FatChick Momma at Easter around 336 lbs.

Another “fitory” for me this weekend was putting on socks. No I am not kidding. I was able to put on my socks by crossing my legs. Now this was no sexy slinky leg crossing. We are talking ankle on knee action, but I have not been able to do that in years. This is exciting and frustrating at the same time. I am so proud of myself for the progress, but why did I let myself get so far gone that I could not cross my legs enough to put socks and shoes on?

I am just amazed at the level of denial that I was in previously. I really had myself convinced that I did not eat “that bad” most of the time (see FatChick Eats) and that my weight was not as big of a problem as it really was. I love these eye opening moments and think that they will serve to keep me on track for the rest of my life. I hope to have many more years left, and I have to remind myself how bad it was in order to keep focused on not letting it ever get back to that point.

Whoo hoo for ankles to knees and chasing babies!

Do you all have any “un-fit” stories that help keep you motivated? What are your recent “fitories” that you have accomplished?

Enjoy some pumpkin patch pictures of my little Tink!

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Stay Strong and Keep Moving,

Got a Sick Little Tink

6 Oct

Today has been tough day for my little Tink. We took her to the doc after 36 hours of an up and down temp. Turns out she has a double ear infection. My poor baby has wanted to do nothing but sleep all day. She is the most pitiful I have ever seen her. ūüė¶ I am at least thankful that I am home with her while she is sick like this. I can barely handle not being with her during the week when she is sick. Snuggling sick babies just feels like a momma job if you ask me.

She slept for 13 hours last night and Hubs had to wake her up at 10am, when I left for weigh in. While I was there he texted that her fever was up to 101. I had planned on going to a consignment shop that has plus size clothing after weigh in, but my baby needed me and a doctor. Shopping will wait for another day.

On to the weigh in. I lost 3.5 pounds this week and finally broke my 60 lb mark! I have officially lost 62 lbs since June 1st. That should explain the need for clothes shopping today. I have saggy butt syndrome bad right now. My pants make it look like I either have no butt (which I promise you I have one plus) or like I have crapped my pants.

It is a great problem to have, but I don’t like looking slovenly. I am trying the consignment shop first because I am nowhere near my final weight. I do not want to sink a lot of money into new clothes that I will hopefully be too small for in a few months. Hopefully they will have some clothes I like and that will work to get me by until I need the next size or two down.

Last night I enjoyed some authentic mexican food. I am obviously having a bad mexican jonesing session since this is the 2nd time in one week that I have indulged. I am officially going on a chip sabbatical for another long period of time. I handled myself well, but I do not feel as good after this meal as I do with my uber healthy veggie meals. So, I bid that stuff adieu for a while. I still want to share another edition of FatChick Eats/FitChick Eats traditional Mexican cuisine edition.

Yeah, I am still appalled at the number of calories I used to consume! Like I said though buh bye chips and Mexican eats for a bit. I think I got it out of my system without over eating.

I have been consistently working out 3 days a week. I need to be shooting for 4 days at least. I am making that my goal this week. I will keep you all posted on my progress.

Sorry this post is all over the place. My mind is on Tink! I am going to go wake her up so she can try to eat a bit and get her antibiotic.

Stay Strong and Keep Moving,

Does This Water Make Me Look Fat?

29 Sep

Happy Saturday! ¬†I hope the week treated all of you well and the weekend is full of fun or relaxation…which ever you fancy.

The hubs had his first of 3 doctoral exams today. ¬†These end-all-be-all tests had me on solo parent duty for my weigh in today. ¬†Tink was ever the charmer and precocious 13 month old in the clinic. ¬†She managed to run around the exam room, taking her shoes off, reaching for electrical plugs and telling me “Yes” when I said “No”. ¬†Needless to say my blood pressure was slightly higher than normal due to chasing my wild hooligan around the room. ¬†Despite being curious about everything, she was awesome. ¬†I got in and I got out.

I managed to not lose and not gain this week.  I am A okay with this considering the previously hinted at water bloat I am carrying around right now.  I also increased my kettlebell weight from 15lbs to 25lbs with a lot of my exercises this week, and it is typical for me to carry a little more weight when I ramp up my weights.  As I have mentioned before the scales are just a guide, but are not a ruler for which I truly measure my success/progress.  I stuck to my good eats and workouts this week, so regardless of what those scales say, this was a successful week in my book.

I am going to indulge a little for dinner tonight. ¬†Momma wants some friggin nachos! ¬†I have been wanting some nachos, oh I don’t know for about 17 weeks now! ¬†I do not want to lose my mind and eat my weight in nacho goodness, so I am methodically planning out my meal tonight.

Since making the change to my diet, my appetite has significantly decreased. ¬†What used to “fill me up” would now make me hurl a’ la Stand By Me. ¬†So, I don’t need much to quench my craving. ¬†I have decided to go for the Craft 2 option from Qdoba. ¬†I can get Tortilia Soup and Nachos with Fajita Veggies for 410 calories and 22 grams of fat. ¬†Compared to my typical eats, this is indulgent. ¬†When you look at what I used to order from Qdoba…well lets just say I am eating a fraction of what I used to. ¬†This brings me to a new feature I will sharing on the blog. ¬†I am tentatively calling it FatChick Eats vs. FitChick Eats.

Yeah you read that right.  I used to consume close to 1600 calories when I ate at Qdoba.  In my defense, I usually only ate half of my burrito in one sitting.  Not in my defense, I would often consume said other half only a few hours later.  That meal also came with a free side of self loathing.

Dinning out can be the catalyst that throws you off your proverbial healthy wagon,  or it can be a pit stop along the journey.  Going out to eat can be a treat without being something you hate yourself over.  Hopefully by sharing my FatChick vs. FitChick Eats, you will see how I strike a balance between a healthy lifestyle and occasionally going out to eat.

By no means is the soup and nachos going to be a weekly staple for me, but it will be a treat for me without exploding my stomach and making me hate myself afterward.

I mean what is the point of indulging if you can’t enjoy it. ¬†I know eating the FatChick option would make me hate myself for days or weeks to come. ¬†My FitChick option allows me to enjoy and move on with no guilt.

Please share any tips you have for indulging without going for broke on the calories?

Stay Strong and Keep Moving,

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