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When a boy walks in with a Walmart vest and some nerdy specs…

28 Feb

You get sprung?  Well this girl did.  I am linking up with Erin at Homemade Happenings to share more of mine and hubs love story.


So, I have mentioned in a previous post that hubs and met while we were both working at Walmart.  I was instantly attracted to Tim (aka Hubs) the first time I saw him.  I stand by the statement that his nerdy plastic frames are the only reason we got together.  He was confident but not cocky, seemed really fun and easy going.


I decided to test the waters by inviting him to go to a concert with me and some of my friends…you know one I just happened to have an extra ticket to. Well my invitation to the Lifehouse/Everclear/Matchbox 20 concert offened his heavy metal sensibility and he turned me down based on the fact that “I don’t really like any of those bands.”  He did admit Everclear was “okay”, and that was a little hope for my heart because I went through a major Everclear fanatical phase for well over 5 years.

Pic_10 1

Later on we found out he was roommates with a friend of mine from high school, and we planned a group hang with me, him, his roommate and roommate’s girlfriend.  I invited them all to my house to cook for them.  So here is proof of how much I liked this guy.  I wanted to, on our first non-work hang, show him I was an amazing cook.  I am from the south, and I always heard the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  I don’t really get this in hind sight.  Am I supposed to make him feel nurtured and cared for… as in like his mom????  Well,  I dodged a potential mommy issues moment when he called to bail on me 2 hours before they supposed to come over.  He told me his parents surprised him, but roommate and his GF were still coming over…WTF?

IMG_4055 IMG_4054

I pretended like it was such a non-issue, but I was crushed.  My fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, and gravy were not really anything other than some strange chubby southern girl attempt at a mating ritual, and now it was going to be wasted on a dinner where I got to be the third wheel.  Awesome.  The bright side of that dinner came when the GF asked me if I liked Tim…you know liked him liked him.  I don’t recall my exact answer, but it was some stuttery non-committal way of saying yes…yes I did.  They proceeded to confide in me that he was majorly into me and my heart soared.  I chilled after that and just let it happen the way it was going to happen.

Our first date was on my birthday, there is a Seinfeld episode about a girl who goes on a first date on her birthday btw, and we went to see Airmen of Note The United States Air-force Jazz Band.  Our second date ended with him coming to my house to watch a movie.  We flirted like 12 year olds all night.  We never kissed, we never left the living room, and he did not leave until the next morning.  It was one of those nights you see in movies where they state they “stayed up all night talking”.  There is very little in real life that is like the movies.  This night though, was one of those real life movie moments.  I think we both knew after that night that this was going somewhere.


After that we were inseparable.  He is/was funny, charming, confident, unabashedly himself at all times…even when not appropriate.    We surprise each other.  He surprises me by saying things in certain settings that make me cringe, being unafraid to say something completely lame and goofy, and just by putting himself out there with little to no fear.  Prime example: He serenaded me once on one of those early dates.  I razz him for his song choices (Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton and What Might Have Been by Little Texas) and for how awkward that was.  It was sweet and ballsy as can be, but being serenaded by a guy guitar in hand is not one of those movie moments that translates to real life.  As the one being sung too, what do you do in that moment.  You are so self aware and awkward and I was even embarrassed for him.  He did a great job, cheesiness and all, but that was a level of confidence that had greatly alluded me and it made me uncomfortable.  It was a surprise and while not the stuff romantic movies are made of, it made me fall for him even more because he was not afraid to do crap like that!

We fight, we get on each others nerves, but we are each other’s biggest fans, best friends, and comedic side kicks.  Life would not be fun without him.  It just wouldn’t.

Be sure to link up with Erin and share your love story!

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