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Fizzy Fitness Giveaway Winner and Operation Non-Grandma Swimsuit

21 Jan

We have a winner!!!  Congratulations to Kassie for winning the Fizzy Fitness coffee mug giveaway!!!

Kassie is a fellow blogger over at her little slice of bloggerland, Southern Girl Gets Fit, and she is just too cute for words.  Besides being adorbs, she has started a great challenge called Operation Red Bikini. She purchased herself a red bikini for summer as motivation.  The premise of the challenge is to pic something that is a goal and motivates you… a certain size clothing, to wear shorts in public for the first time in years, rock a sleeveless shirt, etc.  You set that as your goal and go for it.


I have been wanting to participate, but have been stuck on what I want my motivator/goal to be.  It will most definitely not be a bikini as my husband is the only one required to see me in that scarce amount of clothing and not run away in terror.  However, I love to swim, and this year Tink should be a blast at the pool.  So, I decided that my goal is to rock a non-grandma inspired swim suit.  I don’t know what suit that is yet, but it cannot look like an 80 year old woman could pull it off.

She has self confidence at least.

Goal: Not look like this in a swimsuit

Thanks to all of you who participated in the giveaway!  Rafflecopter made it so easy, that I will be working on something else fun to giveaway in Feburary.

Weekend round up and weigh in will be coming at you tomorrow.  I was pressed to get this post out with a crazy little Tink who just would not go to sleep and only wanted momma…who can say no to that.

In the meantime think about what your proverbial red bikini would be and share in the comments below! 

Stay Strong and Keep Moving,


Think You Know Me Thursday: I’m Skeered Edition

17 Jan

Those of your who follow me on Instagram were exposed a little to the scaredy cat side of me when I posted this picture from the freak show movie called “Mama”.

That kid whispering “mama” is uncalled for.

Scary movies freak me the freak out.  More importantly, scary movie trailers freak me the freak out too.  When all of those Paranormal Activity movies come out around Halloween each year, I play Russian Roulette with my DVR.  The goal is to speed past those previews with nary a glimpse of some shadowy figure standing in a doorway on security camera footage.  The worst is when I get wrapped in something like um my phone, and I forget to fast forward and that freaky thing ends up on my TV.  I have closed my eyes and hummed to keep from hearing and seeing it…I have run for the remote to fast forward…I have hit mute on live TV just to avoid that psychotic crap.

All of this insanity aside, I am super curious about the story and ending to each of these terrifying films.  Reading something freaky, can and will give me the willies.  Seeing it though, puts it on a whole other level of terror in my mind.  So, I wait until the movie is in theaters, then wiki that shiz.  I can get the whole movie summarized for me to read.  This satisfies my morbid curiosity, while sparing me sleepless nights….I am not kidding.  I slept on a pallet of covers on the floor beside my parents bed (you know because I was too old to sleep with them in their bed) for a month straight when I was in the 6th grade after a Halloween ghost story extravaganza.

Yeah I read it…yeah I peed a little…so what.

For that reason, I can remember watching only one scary movie in its entirety before the age of 15.  I think it was a Halloween movie.  I don’t have a clue which one.  All I remember about it was a teenage couple snuck off to have sex in the barn, and one of them got it with pitch fork in the back mid boink.  The next scary movie I saw was at 15, when I went to see Scream with friends in the theater.  I had to play The Parent Trap VHS (Hayley Mills not LiLo) for a month straight in order to fall asleep…after Scream…I mean seriously.

Then came the notorious Blair Witch Project.  That movie did not bother me too much until the very end.  That image of the big dude standing in the corner  of the witch’s house and then the camera dropping….that image skeeves me out to this day.  You need to factor in that my house growing up was in the sticks.  We lived with no other house visable from our house, and we were surrounded by woods.  After seeing that movie, I would run to the house from my car like an ax murderer was after me, every single time I came home after dark.  I would still  run and jump in my bed (you know to avoid getting a knife to my Achilles tendon from psycho under my bed), and then throw the covers over my head as I lay in the fetal position with my eyes squeezed shut.

There have been other movies that I have endured because others wanted to see them, but they are few and far between. Hubs learned early on, unless you want to get glared at by fellow movie patrons, don’t take me to the theater to watch this crap.  I yell out obscenities when I get freaked out and just yelp when I get caught off guard.  I am the most annoying person you will ever watch a scary movie with.

Fizzy Fitness Giveaway

16 Jan


Bethany with Fizzy Fitness is giving away 2 fitness inspired mugs to one lucky FC2FC reader!  The giveaway runs from today, January 16th, and ends Sunday, January 20th at midnight.  The winner will be announced early next week.

I personally love the I ❤ muscle, Oh My Quad and Drop It Like a Squat mugs. Who am I kidding??? I love them all! I had to remind the hubs he and I were not eligible to win.

You should really check out her shop  and website for some super cute products that she designs herself.  Bethany is not only an artist, she is also a well-known figure and fitness competitor and blogger.

Be sure to click the rafflecopter link below and enter to win!  There are several options for entry.  You can do them all or just one.  Also, check out all of Bethany’s links above and show her some love for being awesome and sponsoring this giveaway!

Click here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Get A Grip Man!

28 Dec

So, you know how I was all ” I got home and nothing was different about my lifestyle.  I was not suddenly going to fast food joints and gorging myself on chips.” yesterday?

Yeah, so apparently the hubs did not get that memo.  Last night, I had not been home for more than 20 minutes and he was going all When Harry Met Sally over some damn Taco Bell commercials.  I will admit I wanted it on Christmas.  Thank the baby Jesus, it was Christmas and they were closed.  Well, since I did not get that jewel out of my system, his moaning over Doritos tacos ended with me saying…”go get Taco Bell.”

I did not do terrible.  My usual feast from Taco Hell used to be a nacho bell grande, a chalupa/or taco, and a 5-layer burrito.  Oh yeah and lots of hot and mild sauce.  Hubs just best not come home with less than half a bag of sauce.

Last night I ate a nacho supreme and a crunchy taco supreme…and ended up eating a second taco supreme like 3 hours later…damn you hubs…damn you to Taco Hell.

Today I was relaying my grocery list to him for the week.  I messaged him that I wanted a couple of cans of Rotel and instantly got the gigantic cheeser grinning smily as a response.  I immediately knew that he thought I wanted the Rotel for queso.  I told him I was making turkey chili this weekend, and asked what the big doofus smiley was about.  He told me he thought I also mentioned getting cheese and did indeed think that I was making queso.

This boy needs an intervention.  I told him he had junk food goggles on and needed to get a freaking grip.

I plan on smacking him around if need be…possibly with some broccoli.

Stay Strong, Keep Moving and Throw Ham If Necessary,


Lazy with a capital LAZY

27 Dec

I hope that all of you have had a great holiday season so far!  We only have New Years Day left, and then it is a a barrage of holidays that don’t allow for me to miss work with holiday pay until Memorial Day.

As much as I enjoy those paid holidays, there is some mild relief to the thought that the crazy end of the year business is winding down.  Don’t get me wrong, I love this time of year, but by the end I am over it for until next year.

I think I am still nursing the traveling, Christmas shopping, present wrapping, family visit organizing, hangover that was the last month.  I have been lazy with a capital LAZY.  Here is my holiday round up of my eats and exercise lack there of.

While I was in the great state of Arkansas, I ate…yeah I did.  I ate chili, queso and chips, pasta salad, sandwich, chips, cake, taco soup, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, and the epic moment…a cheeseburger and onion rings.  Yeah I kind of lost my mind in that I did not say no to foods I normally would,  but I did not overeat at least.

I apparently decided, unbeknownst to myself, somewhere along the way that I was just going to eat what was made at each family’s home, and not stress, plan or calculate what I was eating.  I would eat what they made, but control myself and not overeat.  I did however say no to a bag of chili cheese Fritos that my dad had…that would have ended in an orange-red dusted, bag shredded, me in a corner like a starving rabid dog kind of scenario.  Yes, those tasty SOB’s were better left untouched.

It was really nice to take a little break from thinking about everything that I put in my mouth.  Not in a “I am over this healthy thing give me a whole large pizza with fries on the side” kind of nice, just a nice little mental vacay from it all.  The good part of this was that I got to indulge. and when I got back home, everything was back to normal.

That is the true sign of a lifestyle change.  I jumped off my wagon and ate a bunch of random crap last week.  I got home and nothing was different about my lifestyle.  I was not suddenly going to fast food joints and gorging myself on chips.  That was the old me and the way I always did things.  If I had momentary indiscretions, they always sent me to FatChick jail as in, Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200.  I would stay there for months and sometimes years, until I rolled doubles got the urge to start over.  Everything in my life, with regard to health and fitness, was a never ending series of starts and stops.  Nothing changed long term.

This time it is different.

So, as I mentioned, I am back at it no delay.  Just home and back at it.  I managed to miss 7 days so far of #merryplanksmas.  I am going hard these last 5 days and pushing for one minute or more on my elbow plank.  Despite my plank efforts, I have still not picked up the kettlebell since I have been home.  Remember the lazy part earlier.  I have just been in a “I don’t wanna!” toddler kind of mood since I got back.  Hubs is on break, and it has just been more appealing to sit and veg out with him and our backlogged DVR, than to get up and sweat.  I do miss it, but have given myself permission to finish out the week a lazy, yet healthy eating, louse.  Saturday it is on like Donkey Kong.  I know that kettlebell is going to make me pay in the most gloriously painful way for slacking, and I am ready for it.

We had a great time visiting with our familes, and got to experience Christmas morning with a somewhat disinterested toddler.  Tink loved the toys when they were all unwrapped, but she did not quite get the point of all the unwrapping.  Hubs and I were more eager and giddy than she was.  We had a fun time drinking some bourbon and Diet Root Beer, while putting together Santa gifts.  It was a fun and relaxing conclusion to all of the holiday madness.

I did manage to read another book while traveling.  Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places. This is the 3rd book I have read by Flynn, and I love her…big time.  She currently only has 3 books published, so I am eagerly awaiting more from her.  I am now in the market for a new book.  I am a follower of reading trends…Twilight, Sookie Stackhouse Series (True Blood), Hunger Games, and 50 Shades of Grey have been my typical fare over the last few years.   I have a hard time selecting and committing to a book on my own.  I typically read what is “hot” right now, unless I just happen to stumble upon something.

I was thinking about maybe doing an online book club of sorts during 2013.  I have talked with many of you on Instagram and on here about books, and many of you seem to share my enthusiasm for books.

So, let me know (comment or email) if you would be interested in starting up a book club on here.  I was thinking we would take book suggestions, and then set up a schedule a couple of months in advance for library peeps to reserve popular titles.  I think this would give us all some book inspiration, and motivate us all to read more throughout 2013.  Plus I would love to have more people to discuss books with.

Stay Strong and Keep Moving,


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