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Firecracker Veggies Recipe

11 Dec

On of my favorite Thai dishes is Firecracker chicken.  It is close to 1,200 calories of Lo Mein noodles, chicken, broccoli, onion, walnuts, and water chestnut amazingness!

However, I wanted to come up with a lighter healther alternative that would give me similar flavors.  Thanks to one of my BF’s at Diary of a CrossFit Mom mentioned last week that she was craving Thai food and made some dish with shredded cabbage.  My little food tricking brain went to work on the idea for this amazing culinary creation.  Seriously, it is that good!

1 tbsp Soy Sauce (I used reduced sodium)
1/2 cup Korean Red Chili Paste
1 tsp Splenda (this was the sweetener I had on hand. I rarely use sweetener, so as expensive that junk is, I use it up. I mention this because I know Truvia would be a better option.)
2 tbsp Rice Vinegar
2 tsp Sesame Oil

1.5 cups of cabbage shredded
1 cup broccoli chopped
1/2 onion sliced
7 walnut halves

Heat all of the sauce ingredients in a sauce pan until hot and blended.  Set aside.  In a wok (or skillet) cook the vegetables until desired tenderness (hubs threw in some shredded roasted chicken).  Add walnuts and and sauce…Please note start with only 1 tbsp of sauce (DO NOT POUR THE ENTIRE SAUCE MIX ON THE LISTED AMOUNT OF VEGGIES).  It is a very concentrated sauce.  I love hot foods and the flavor of this sauce and 1 tbsp was perfect on the listed quantity of veggies.

I feel quite certain that the shredded cabbage would be the perfect noodle substitute on any Asian inspired dish.  I can’t wait to branch out and try some new recipes with this new revelation!


Stay Strong and Keep Moving,


Self-Control Is Essential

12 Nov

Hello beautiful people!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend.  I also hope that most of you were able to enjoy some gorgeous unseasonably warm fall weather.  We certainly did, but I will get to that in a minute.

Friday, I had my annual appointment with my endocrinologist on Friday, and she said my blood work was perfect.  She was very impressed with my 70 lb weight loss since she had seen me earlier this year.  I was excited for that appointment because I knew my weight loss would surprise her.  This week has been amazing for my self-esteem.  I have received endless compliments from co-workers, friends, family and my doc.  I am not doing this for the compliments, but I am not going to lie…they are an awesome bonus.  It always humbles me to have so many people care about me and my progress, and people who care enough to share a kind word to encourage me.

70 lb Weight Loss Face Comparison

My Saturday day started with a very productive weigh-in.  I was down 3 lbs for a total of 73 lbs lost.  I also FINALLY managed 4 workouts in one week!  This included a workout on Thursday aka Vampire Diaries day.  So, that fact alone gets me some major props from myself.  I love am obsessed with that show, and I am usually worthless after Tink is in bed because of it.

This weeks weight loss has my current weight at 260 lbs.  That has me only 10 lbs away from my next goal.  I will be shocked if I manage this by the end of November.  Although, I am going to try my darndest.  We will be traveling to the great state of Arkansas for Thanksgiving, and I will have to pull out all the self-control stops to make it through this holiday unscathed.  I will in no way be able to turn down my mom’s corn bread dressing, but I will limit myself to only a small serving.  I want to enjoy the day, but I am refusing (in advance)  to go wild eating until I could puke.  You all will get a play by-play after the fact!

Speaking of self-control, I indulged in a craving I have been having for a while now.  I have been wanting a sandwich and chips so freaking much.  Sounds pretty tame considering what I could be craving, but you know chips are one my big vices.  Chips with a delicious deli sandwich are like PB and J.  They just belong together.  Even though Subway and other sandwich places can help you with lighter options compared to burger joints, you still have to be smart about what you are piling on that sandwich.  Since I was indulging, I wanted real chips…not baked ones.  I wanted jalapeno kettle chips to be exact.  At 210 calories for that small bag of chips, I needed to plot and plan so I did not just blow the day.  I decided on the lightest possible 6 inch I could make, and decided to only eat half of the 6 inch and half of the chips for lunch.  I effectively did this and then finished it all off for dinner.  That is self-control folks!  Cutting a 6 inch in half… dividing a single serve bag of chips in half and setting the rest aside.  That takes determination.  I enjoyed it and felt satisfied afterward.

This is what self-control looks like-ish

However today, I have felt like a bottomless pit.  I did not really eat that much less quantity wise yesterday, so I think it could be the carb rush from the sandwich and chips.  Starches spike you blood sugar and therefore cause it to crash.  This causes us to then feel really hungry and leads us to overeat.  This is the most starchy/high glycemic foods I have had in nearly 6 months.  I managed to eat per my (new) normal standard today despite the increased hunger, and by dinner, my appetite was under control again.

Something else that encourages me?  Feeling good getting outdoors with my family, especially Tink!  We took advantage of 70 degree sunny weather yesterday and went on a nature walk.  Tink is a funny little creature.  She does not want to swing or slide.  She much prefers to walk around and explore.  That was a much more enjoyable option for the hubs and I, so we were happy to oblige.  We went for a walk to let Tink explore and experience some fall nature at its finest.  It was the perfect temperature and she was elated to be outdoors.  I was thrilled to see her so happy, but I was also happy that I wanted to go outdoors and be active with her.  This is a change from my previously heavier and lazier self.  Luckily, I am getting my groove going around the time Tink is ready to be active and enjoy the great outdoors!  There are so many adventures for me to look forward to having with my little family.

Enjoy some pictures from our little outing!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Did you have any fun adventures or activities this weekend?  What are your favorite things to do when the weather is nice?

Cauliflower and Broccoli Chowder Recipe

5 Nov

I got this recipe from my girl, Minus the 46 early last week in an email, and I have been drooling over the thought of making it ever since then.

I took her recipe and doctored it up a bit.  I added onion and celery, because…well I think they make a fabulous starting point to many a soup.  I also used Herbs De Provence as my seasoning.  I am a sucker for sage about any time of the year, but when it is cold outside…sage is my seasoning boo!

8 cups of cauliflower (2 heads)
6 cups of broccoli (1.5 heads)
4 cups of broth (I used vegetable she used chicken in hers)
1 medium onion diced
2 cups of diced celery
seasoning of choice (I used Herbs De Provence)
Optional: Cheddar Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, and or bacon ( I used 1 cup of Cheddar Cheese no bacon)

Saute onions and celery until tender.  I used non-stick spray, but you could use butter if you are so inclined.  Then add in broccoli and cauliflower.  I had to do this in two batches.  Once the first batch had softened a bit, I had room to add the rest of the broccoli cauliflower mix.    I added my seasoning at this point.  Cover and steam until veggies are very tender.  Either with an immersion blender or a food processor puree the veggie mix with the broth.  I used my trustee food processor and did this in two batches since it would not all fit in the processor.  Return to pot to warm and add cheese (if using at this time).

You can cut this recipe in half easily.  I doubled it so I would have enough for dinner Sunday night and work lunch all week.

This recipe, as I made it, made 8 servings at 1 and 1/3 cup as the serving size.

Created using recipe creator on SlimKicker.com

It is delicious and extremely filling!  I have been living off of soup for lunch for the past few weeks, and I could not finish my serving for lunch I was so full.  That is a huge plus in my book!

Trick AND Treat Those Taste Buds!

31 Oct

Happy Halloween!!!!

I am not a big candy person, but this time of year I could seriously nosh on some nerds, Reese’s peanut butter cups and tiny candy bars to an unhealthy degree.  The only holiday that is more candy tempting is Easter…blasted Reese’s Eggs.

I am not eating much more than veggies and protein supplements right now so, I don’t have any good healthy versions of sweets for you, but I have discovered how to trick and treat my taste buds!

Something I have learned on this journey is that I often crave a flavor combination, not necessarily the actual food the taste is associated with.  For example, my pizza craving is not so much about the crust or even the cheese.  Think about it.  What are the primary sources of flavor with pizza…the sauce and the toppings.  So, when I discovered cauliflower crust pizza, I had my craving quenched.  I barely use cheese because what I really crave is the taste of  is the toppings and sauce.

My 5 month journey thus far has been an experiment in flavors.  I consistently try to find healthy alternatives to give me the fix on the tastes that I am craving.  I typically crave savory not sweet.  One of my most consistent annoying cravings is for hamburgers.  Some days I linger over fantasies of big juicy greasy  burgers and all the goodness packed on it.  I have been eating BOCA and Morning Star Patties from the get go.  These are great and with the standard burger veggies on top and no bun it usually does the trick.  However, I find it really annoying to have to cut it up and eat it with a fork.  The veggies go all over the place and it is just a cluster mess of a meal.  Sunday though, I had an epiphany.  If I have to cut it up to eat it, why not cut it all up ahead of time and toss it in a bowl?  That is exactly what I did and let me tell you it was something taste buds write home about!  The burger bowl was born!

I truly believe the success that I have had thus far is due to the choices I have made.  Is this burger bowl the same as double cheese burger with everything from Wendy’s…no freaking way, but does it give me some of the similar flavors that I can live with to further my progress…absolutely.  I don’t feel as deprived when I get creative and try to give my taste buds a little treat by tricking them a bit.  At the end of the day, I don’t go to bed dreaming of gooey cheese and grease nor do I go to bed agonizing about indulging in an 800 calorie whim all to appease my taste buds.

I challenge you all to get creative the next time you find yourself pining away for food that is off limits.  Ask yourself what flavors are you really craving.  I am sure there is a way to concoct a healthy alternative that will get rid of your craving.

It is a give and take.  It is okay to give yourself something to eat that is enjoyable, but you need to do so without sacrificing your health.  Will I one day eat the big greasy burger of my dreams?  I am sure I will.  Until that day, I will continue to be a mad scientist in the kitchen for the sake of my shrinking waistline!

Do you have any healthy tricks and recipes to share?  Share your links in the comments.  I love to try new recipes!

Also, if you have a great low carb/no carb recipe or tips, be sure to link up with Sam at Losing My Weight Gaining My Life.

Stay Strong and Keep Moving,

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

23 Oct

Found the recipe for these tasty treats on Pinterest.

I did my usual thing and modified the recipe to make it as low calorie as possible.  The original recipe calls for 1 cup of milk and 1 cup of flour.  I reduced that to 1/4 cup of milk and 2 tbsp of flour.  My recipe is below.  If you want the original recipe, be sure to click the Pinterest link above.

Hot Sauce
Butter (No-Cal Butter Spray)
Blue Cheese or Ranch Dressing (I use light dressing)

Chop cauliflower up into bite size pieces.  I cut up 2 cups for this recipe (about half a head of cauliflower).  Mix 1/4 cup of milk and 2 tbsp of flour in mixing bowl.  Gently stir in the cauliflower with the milk/flour mixture.

Place cauliflower on a greased baking pan (I used no-cal canola spray).  Bake for 15-18 minutes on 425 degrees.  While cauliflower is baking mix 3 tbsp of hot sauce with butter.  I used no-cal fake butter spray stuff this go round.

When cauliflower is done, mix with the buffalo sauce and re-bake for an additional 5 minutes.  Serve with dressing of your choice.

Prepared the way I have listed served with 2 tbsp of light dressing, this is 166 calories and 6 grams of fat.

I ended up only eating about half of this for dinner as I was not very hungry.  The Hubs gladly finished it off for me.

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